Intellectual disability is a concern of everybody in the community and as such, everyone has a role to play in the prevention of abuse, acceptance and rehabilitation of PWIDs. However, not everyone has the right knowledge on how to handle an intellectual disability.

World Cerebral Palsy day 2021

These trainings are dominated by females (mothers and grandmothers) as most of them are the sole caretakers of persons with intellectual disabilities in their families. We have realized that there is still a gap as we need to bring the fathers on board as well. Most mothers allege that fathers completely turned the responsibility of caring for children with intellectual disabilities as they consider them to be losses to the family. A parent in Kyampisi shared that her husband told her that “in his lineage, they don’t have any one with Down syndrome and thus abandoned his son”.

World Down Syndrome day 2022

This was intended to raise public awareness, promote inclusivity, encourage advocacy and support the wellbeing of persons living with Down Syndrome.

We engaged a number of stake holders including members from the local government in the disability department, two local authorities and Non-Governmental organizations, Headteachers and parents.


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