At Droty Uganda volunteerism is sharing love and compassion with the underprivileged. Our aim is to allow volunteers get involved and lend a helping hand to people in need, and our worthwhile causes and connect with our community.

Membership is open to all persons and organizations who are involved in activities aimed at advocating for the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities and improving their socio-economic capacity and their families. Membership fees are paid annually by all members of the organization.

Automatic membership: This is open to all people with intellectual disabilities (PWIDs) in Uganda

Ordinary membership: This is open to all parents, guardians and siblings of PWIDs.

Association membership: This is open to all organizations both governmental and nongovernmental that are interested in the lives of PWIDs.

Affiliate membership: This is open to chairpersons of NGOs who are engaged in the provision of services which are relatively similar to those provided by ordinary or associate members

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